Recap: Colorado HTM Mixer 2020

Thank you to all of the attendees and exhibitors who made this event possible.

2020 has been unquestionably one of the most challenging times anyone, or any business, has ever had to face. Blindsided might be the most fitting word to use. We certainly were here at MD Publishing and have had our fair share of challenges, particularly when dealing with face to face meetings and our conferences.

So when we descended upon Denver for the HTM Mixer CO (our first live meeting since this craziness began) I was a bit nervous. Would people show? How would they react to the new restrictions and safety guidelines?

Well, to say it exceeded all our expectations is a gross understatement. Upon arriving, it was like a heartfelt family reunion, so many warm and genuinely happy people. We had over 150 attendees (THANK YOU CABMET!) and 40 exhibitors, an excellent turnout for a pandemic meeting, and it didn’t take long to get right back to where we left off.

Phenomenal speakers teaching eager attendees, vendors having side meetings and getting back to business, seeing clients for the first time since March, displaying their exhibits in our outdoor exhibit hall.

What truly struck me was the appreciation you all showed for us taking the bold first step to hosting a safe and healthy meeting. However, we should be thanking them, for having enough faith and trust and supporting us during this trying time.

In the end, it was yet another sign of how resilient and strong our TechNation community is, and how the HTM industry stands together. I know we will all be an even tighter knit community after all this ends.

Here’s to new beginnings and hope to see you all Oct. 1-2 in Wisconsin!

John Krieg

President, MD Publishing, Inc.

Supported by CABMET

Colorado Association of Biomedical Equipment Technicians