Thursday, August 20

Using Standardized CMMS Data to Make Smarter HTM Decisions – Parts I & II

Carol Davis-Smith, Carol Davis-Smith & Associates LLC and Matt Baretich, President, Baretich Engineering, Inc.

The session should be immediately applicable to supervisors, managers, directors, and other management roles. Staff (individual contributors) may also find this session helpful in becoming stronger contributors to the HTM department’s success. Those individuals seeking to advance into management roles will find the workshop useful in developing perspective and skills that will support career growth.

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ECG 1-2-3 for BMET

David Scott, Senior Biomedical Technician, UCHealth

This is need to know for Biomedical Technicians. Join this presentation for either a brush up or first-time introduction to cardiac structure, electrophysiology, heart related vital signs, and ECG recording. It will give pointers for PMs and Troubleshooting. It will cover test equipment usage and give meaning to the test equipment signal output. This will be centered around the Biomedical Technician.

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COVID-19 and Your Value Proposition: How the HTM professional can plan for the future of healthcare delivery

Christopher G. Nowak, CBET, CHP, CSCS, Senior Director, UHS of Delaware, Inc.

This session will provide attendees with a reflection of the first two quarters of 2020 and the impact on HTM. A discussion of tools for HTM professionals that prepare for the future and provide your HTM program and employer with a value proposition for the remainder of 2020 and beyond.

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Avoiding Big Failures Without Big Expenses with 4 Easy Steps

Matt Tomory, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Innovatus Imaging

When it comes to imaging devices, little things go a long way. And not always in the right direction. A little slip of the hand could cause trauma to a TEE probe and, according to years of data from first-hand experience and researching common failures, trauma is one of the leading reasons for costly repair services. In this session, attendees will learn to identify the little changes to the daily routines of cross-functional teams that can have a big impact on lowering costs associated with downtime and repairs. They will learn to identify opportunities for improvement, establish goals, metrics, checkpoints, and work with end-users to take routine processes to a new level.

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Securing Medical Device Security and Post COVID-19 Impact

Jeff Horne, CSO, Ordr

How many medical devices are connected to your network today? IP-enabled medical devices are revolutionizing patient care. However, these Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) are slow to adopt security practices and can be a challenge to secure. Many run obsolete operating systems, cannot be patched, are susceptible to active scanning but must be “always on,” for patient care. These devices need to be inventoried and risk-assessed, and vulnerable or high-risk devices should be properly segmented. COVID-19 also impacts medical device security as devices procured or deployed to address the surge of patients must now be brought back into compliance. Utilization analytics can also help with capital spend and planning post pandemic. In this session, learn about the lifecycle framework for the management and security of medical devices – discovery, classification, risk-assessment, and segmentation.

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HTM Think Tank

Dave Francoeur, Senior VP Marketing and Sales, Tech Knowledge Associates

Please join us for a lively and informational discussion where we will address several issues affecting the HTM field in the foreseeable future. Top on the agenda will be Right to Repair and updates to servicing and re-manufacturing – Medical Device Servicing Collaborative Community response to FDA initiatives initiated by MITA sponsored by FDA. Along with, examining the impact of the closing of 24 colleges, which is expected to result in a shortage of 4,000-6,000 technicians in the next five or so years.

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Biomed Survival Guide for Imaging Modalities

Brian Wilson, CBET, CRES, Imaging Service Engineer 3, Trimedx

The presentation will have a mix of visual and live format on various imaging modalities. Brian will share my experiences as both a Biomed and Imaging Service Engineer to help explain the subject from both perspectives with a focus on safety and best practices when working in clinical imaging areas. Brian will also answer questions on the subject matter and maybe even inspire a few Biomeds to consider a career in medical imaging.

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Foundational Electrosurgery Principles & Applications

Dale Munson, Principal Instructor, Biomed Support Services

If you are new to electrosurgical principles and applications or perhaps a little rusty on key terminology and concepts, this brief overview will provide foundational information that applies to any “bovie” in use today. This is a good chance to get information about questions that will be asked on a CBET exam.